Chiropractic In Davenport: Trauma, Injury, And Subluxation

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By: Clay Kuethe D.C. (Dr. Clay)


Trauma is the one thing that everybody understands that can cause injury. If you get hit by a car, chances are you: subluxated a vertebra or two, damaged some muscles, damaged some ligaments, possibly broke a bone, and potentially got a concussion. Providing chiropractic care in Davenport, I know that people seek out a chiropractor when that happens. It is the little traumas that people do not tend to think about going to see a chiropractor about, even though it will probably help them get better quicker.

I am not saying that every little bump that you experience is putting you in a constant state of misalignment and poor health. If you are functionally stable, which means that your muscles engage properly when they should, then your body can handle the minor stuff. However, if you have some weakness (aka: weak core muscles, poor posture, etc) then these little traumas have a better chance of throwing you out of balance. Fortunately, in our office, we correct those mis-alignments, give you exercises to strengthen the weaknesses, and stretches to loosen up the tight areas.

The main point to this story is that everyone should get checked out after major traumas by a chiropractor, medical doctor, or other health care professional that can help you. I usually recommend that people see a chiropractor 2-12 times per year, depending on the person’s level of stability. This keeps those little traumas from becoming major problems. Remember that if you need a great chiropractor in Davenport, be sure to choose Family Care Chiropractic. Get Adjusted and Be Well!


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