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Chiropractor In Davenport and High Blood Pressure

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What is high blood pressure?

In order to be alive, you must have blood pressure (BP). This is the force exerted by blood against the walls of an artery that is transporting it. Normal BP is considered 120/80 with the top number being systolic pressure (when the heart is contracted) and the bottom number being diastolic pressure (when the heart is at rest).  An increase in these numbers means that the heart must work harder to pump blood through your body. This can increase your chances for stroke, heart attack, and heart disease.

Why Is High Blood Pressure Such A Big Deal?

High blood pressure in and of itself is not a problem. This is your body’s way of dealing with the stresses that you are putting on it. During exercise, your blood pressure goes up because in order to lift weights or run you have an increased need of oxygenated blood. Caffeine, smoking, subluxation (an interference in your nervous system), and plaque buildup in arteries due to poor diet can also raise blood pressure. Once again, your body does the smart thing and raises your blood pressure to make sure all of your organs and muscles are getting enough oxygenated blood.

Unlike other muscles in your body, your heart does not get a break, ever. Over time, this can cause other changes in the circulatory system. There is also more pressure on the arteries, and they protect themselves by hardening in order to handle the increased pressure. This makes them more susceptible to rupture or aneurysm. If your diet and exercise regimen are subpar, there can be a buildup in the arteries and cause a blockage resulting in heart attack. This is a serious problem that affects 31.3% of American Adults1.

How Do I Improve My Blood Pressure?

Remember that high blood pressure is just an indicator of an underlying problem. The best thing that you can do to address most of the underlying causes of high blood pressure is diet and exercise. Start by adding one fruit and one vegetable to every meal. Fresh fruits and vegetables are better, but potatoes do not count as a vegetable (they are bread in vegetable form). Take a fish oil supplement to improve heart and vessel health. Exercise 30 minutes a day. You may have to start off with less depending on your physical condition, but you have to start somewhere.

For most people, this will probably be enough. However, your nervous system controls every process in your body, and will begin to make short cuts to communicate more efficiently with itself. If you have chronic high blood pressure, you may need to give your nervous system a tune up to correct a subluxation and restore normal pathways. A chiropractic adjustment is the best way to accomplish this and has been shown to be as effective as taking two high blood pressure medications. This greatly reduces the number of side effects and complications that coincide with taking medications. Remember that Davenport Chiropractic treatments are the best. So instead of popping pills created in a lab, Get Adjusted and Be Well!


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