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Davenport Flu Prevention


By: Clay Kuethe D.C. (Dr. Clay)

Flu prevention is more than getting a flu shot. I have previously written about the flu shot and the relative ineffectiveness of it.  I won’t get into flu shots in this post. I am going to talk about the three most important things that you need to focus on to prevent the flu. Your Skin, Your Gut, & Vitamin D!

First: Your Skin. Why is your skin important? It is the first line of defense against all of those nasty germs that are floating around. One of the main reasons that there is a so called “Flu season” is due to the relative humidity in the air. When the air gets drier, our skin dries out and cracks. Our mucosal linings (nose, mouth, etc) dry and become susceptible. Basically the germs have an easier time getting in. There are not any more germs than any other time of the year, they just have an easier time invading your body. It is important to wash your hands frequently, and to keep your skin moisturized with a good quality lotion. Another important thing is to be taking a quality fish oil supplement to provide your skin with the essential fats that it needs to be healthy.

Second: Your Gut. Why is your gut important? It is where all of the nutrients that your body needs to be healthy are absorbed. During “Flu season” there is not the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that there is during the summer. When you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables the lining in your gut is healthier and is more plentiful in beneficial bacteria. The more beneficial bacteria you have, the less space you have for harmful bacteria. Basically if your ratio tips in the direction of harmful bacteria, you are probably going to get sick. How does this happen? Eating an abundance of sugar, grains, and dairy (sugar cookies anyone?) does not promote beneficial bacteria. It is actually what the harmful bacteria feed off of. It is important to keep eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables. It is also important not to overindulge in all of the baked goods and candies during this time of year. A good quality probiotic may also be a good way to keep your ratio tipped in the beneficial bacteria direction.

Third: Vitamin D. Why is Vitamin D important? Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your nervous system. We make vitamin D naturally by exposing our skin to sunlight. During “Flu season” it is cold and it is not as easy to get the sun exposure that we need. This weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible for those harmful bacteria to take over. The easiest way to combat the decrease in vitamin D is to supplement with a quality form of Vitamin D3. Getting enough sleep is also important in keeping your body energized and rested.

Bonus: Getting Adjusted. Why is getting adjusted important? Your nervous system controls and coordinates every system in your body, including your immune system. Getting adjusted keeps your body in proper alignment. If your body is in proper alignment, then it can function correctly. If your immune system is functioning correctly, it is more difficult for the harmful bacteria to take over. So if you need a quality Chiropractor in Davenport as part of your natural flu prevention plan, give us a call! Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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