Davenport Chiropractor Explains Why You Wait At The Doctor

Chiropractor In Davenport Explains Why You Wait At The Doctor

Davenport Chiropractor Explains Why You Wait At The Doctor


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You’ve been there, your appointment was 5 minutes ago and you are still in the waiting room. Then, as if by some miracle, someone comes out and calls your name to come back. You are ushered into a room and told that the Doctor will be with you in a minute. 10 to 20 minutes later the Doctor finally walks into the room. They ask you two questions, listen to your heart, take your pulse, and then charge you $100. Even though you have probably been in the office for 30-45 minutes, you have only been with the Doctor for 2 minutes! How can that possibly be worth $100?

You had to take time off of work in order to make it to the appointment on time. You pay for the insurance that the Doctor is going to get money from. You pay the $20 to $50 co-pay to be seen by the Doctor. For that amount of money, the Doctor should be punctual, and you should get at least 10 minutes of their undivided attention. But the main question is: Why does this happen?

Reason #1: Doctors Get Busy

Let’s face it, people get sick, and they go to the Doctor when they get sick. There are only so many Doctors within a certain area to see all of the people in that area. In order to treat acute (sudden/serious) conditions, Doctors have to make time within their busy schedule to squeeze those patients in. If this were the only reason, it would be perfectly acceptable. Doctors see the patients with serious conditions shortly after they come in, and see the patients that are in for a check in between, even if they have an appointment. Also, some patient’s conditions take a little longer, it is just how things are. This is how you would want things to work if you were very ill or in pain.

Reason #2: Doctors Clusterbook

This is one of the main reasons that Doctors offices are always behind schedule. They will schedule two or three people at the same time. Most Doctors are aware that some people show up early, some people show up late, and some people show up right on time. If they schedule multiple patients at the same time, a majority of the time someone will show up early, someone will show up late, and someone will show up in between. This keeps the flow of the office pretty smooth. The problem comes occurs when too many people show up early or late. This practice is good in theory, but often fails in practical terms.

Reason #3: Doctors Overbook

This is probably the number one reason for having to wait 45 minutes to see a Doctor. I would have listed it as #1 but didn’t want to make everyone mad before they saw all of the reasons. Doctors know that patients miss appointments. They know that between 5-15 patients will miss appointments throughout the day, but they don’t know when they are going to miss. So they overbook by 1-2 people per time slot to make sure that they are not just sitting around waiting for someone to come in. If everybody shows up, the Doctor gets behind, which isn’t a problem for the Doctor, because they just make more money. They know you will keep coming back to them because it is just a pain to start all over with a new Doctor. It is win-win for the Doctor, they either stay on time, or they make more money without losing patients.

Why Won’t You Wait At Family Care Chiropractic?

  1. We Book Responsibly.  Everyone at my office gets a fifteen minute appointment. If you are a brand new patient, you get 45 minutes guaranteed. You are taking time out of your day for me to make you feel better and be healthier. You deserve 15 minutes of my un-divided attention to accomplish that goal. When you are in my office, you are my only concern.
  2. I Am Offended If You Do Not Get Better. Believe it or not, if you don’t get better, I take a personal offense. When you put your health into my hands, I don’t take that trust lightly. I will do everything in my power to make you better. I cannot guarantee that you will be better in one visit, but I can guarantee that we will be constantly working towards a better you.
  3. I Treat You Like Family. I feel that every one of my patients is a family member. I don’t want to hear you complaining at Thanksgiving dinner, so I want you to get better now! I will refer you to another Doctor if I think that they can help you more than I can, but if they do not treat you well, I will call that Doctor and yell at them. I only want you to have the best experience every time. If you are not happy, I am not happy. I stand by the quality of my work. I wouldn’t be in business if I made people worse.

I hope that this article helped you to understand the reasons why you may wait at the Doctor’s office. If you want a quality experience at a Chiropractor in Davenport, make sure to give us a call at 563-388-6364 to make you appointment today. Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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