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Ankles, Knees, & Shoulders, Oh MY! While we are at it, we might as well add hips, elbows, and wrists to the mix too. These are vulnerable areas during sports performances. Depending on the sport that you are competing in, certain areas are more vulnerable than others. Fall is the time of year when high school athletes get back into their fall sports activities and we begin to see an increase in extremity type of injuries. I will say that most Chiropractors in Davenport can work wonders with soft tissue injuries, but we are not capable of treating everything. We are not good with ligament tears. (ie.. ACL Tears) These require surgical attention and Chiropractors are not going to cut you. We don’t deal with big gaping wounds, those require stitches and we don’t use needles.

Rotator cuffs (not tears), sprained anything, and bony mis-alignments, then we are you people. Having a detailed knowledge of the anatomy, bio-mechanics (how you move), and neurology (how your body communicates) make Chiropractors uniquely qualified to treat these type of injuries. For example, when you sprain your ankle, you damage muscles and ligaments. When you over-stretch these tissues (spraining) you lose important neurological and mechanical receptors in the area. This results in reduced function and increased chance for injury.

After you sprain tissue, nociceptors (pain receptors) are activated in order to prevent you from re-injuring this tissue. The problem with nociceptors is that they inhibit proprioceptors (receptors that tell your body how much the muscle is contracting and stretching). Without proprioceptors, you are not in total control of the injured tissue and are therefore much more likely to re-injure yourself. You can either have to much movement, or not enough. If you have too much, you need to strengthen the weak areas in order to stabilize the injured area. If you don’t have enough movement, you need to loosen, or mobilize the injured tissue.

Chiropractors are fantastic at loosening and mobilizing injured tissue. Not all Chiropractors are great with identifying the tissue to strengthen in order stabilize the area and prevent further injury. There are many simple tests that can help to identify subtle weaknesses that we do in the office, so that we can strengthen them to get you back in the game as safely and quickly as possible. We cannot help with every possible situation and injury out there, but we have a very good success rate with those that come into the office. Another great benefit of our Quad Cities Chiropractic office is that we can often identify weaknesses before they cause injury.

So, if you have a sports injury in Davenport, make sure to give the recently voted Best Chiropractor in the Quad Cities a call! Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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