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October is officially Domestic Violence Awareness Month. With all of the issues with domestic violence swirling around the NFL, this problem has never been more top of mind in our society. We should capitalize on this opportunity to effect change in our society to help limit this problem. Not only do we need to focus on prevention, but also in helping those that are currently caught in a horrendous situation.

We are going to try and help ease the transition for those women that are trying to leave their abusers by collecting supplies for the Domestic Violence Shelter here in Davenport. You can find a list of supplies that are needed for the shelter here. To encourage everybody to donate as much as possible, we are going to give everyone who donates, $15.00 off of their visit.

All of the donations that we collect will be donated to Family Resources, located on Eastern Avenue here in Davenport. We encourage you to donate more than just during the month of October, but we also want to give you an incentive to maximize donations. Our goal is to donate more than 300 items at the end of October.

I know that we have the best patient’s in Davenport and that we will blow this goal out of the water. So if you are currently a patient, make sure to make an appointment in October to help out a great cause and get some great Chiropractic care at a discount! If you are not currently under Chiropractic care, or are looking for a new Chiropractor in Davenport, please take advantage of this opportunity to help some women and children in need. Not only that, but you can also start on the road to better health! Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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