Quad Cities Chiropractor: How Thoughts Can Cause Subluxation

Quad Cities Chiropractors By: Clay Kuethe D.C. (Dr. Clay)

Everything that we do is an experience and is interpreted by our brain.  How we interpret interactions with other people and our environment can impact us negatively or positively.  As stated previously, a subluxation can be caused by negative thoughts or a subluxation can cause us to interpret things in a negative way.  So, negative experiences can cause our nervous system to behave in a negative way. This is why stress can have such a big impact on how we feel about things, or even cause pain and tight muscles.

Chiropractic care can relieve some of the pressure placed on the nervous system (i.e. the brain). This can allow you to process thoughts more clearly, and give you the opportunity to move past the negative environment. Simply put, if interference in the nervous system is causing the negative thoughts, chiropractic care may help resolve the issue directly. If the negative thoughts are causing the interference in the nervous system, then chiropractic care may allow you to function optimally to get out of the negative environment/thought process.

Being in a positive environment and making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally can greatly aid in how you interact with the world. Choose to make each day a positive one. Remember to choose Family Care Chiropractic for your chiropractic care in Davenport, Iowa. Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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