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Quad City ChiropractorBy: Dr. Clay Kuethe (Dr. Clay)


Shoulders: Everybody has them, and more than likely, everybody has problems with them. You can have sore shoulders, dislocated shoulders, frozen shoulders, rotator cuff problems, tendonitis, bursitis, and so much more. Often, the problem is not actually in the joint itself, but in the surrounding muscles. If you think that chiropractors can’t help with shoulder problems, I will write about that in the coming weeks.


During traumatic injuries like a fall or excessive strain, damage can occur to tendons and cartilage in the joint. Dislocations can tear muscles and ligaments. These types of injuries need to be addressed immediately. Long term disability and instability can occur in the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues. This can then lead to alterations in the way the shoulder moves (to prevent pain), which can lead to wear in the joint capsule and calcification of soft tissues.


When joint wear and calcification occur, this can lead to further damage in other parts of the joint. This is a vicious cycle where a damaged part of the joint causes damage to another part of the joint and on and on. This is usually the reason that multiple surgeries are needed to repair a shoulder.


Overuse injuries are another big reason for shoulder problems. Think of major league pitchers or pro quarterbacks. If they have poor mechanics, they wear the joint down faster and it needs to be repaired sooner and more often. What if you are not a quarterback or pitcher and still have problems?


Unfortunately, everyday life is often working against us. As we sit at computers to type, we naturally round our shoulders forward to make this task easier. This puts our shoulder joint in an improper position to perform other tasks. Because computer work is a repetitive task, over time your shoulders will round forward when you are not at a computer. This leads to poor posture. There is a cascade effect on your torso. Your upper traps become tight and raise your shoulder blades up. This in turn puts your head in a forward position. This reduces the normal curve that you are supposed to have in your neck. This can lead to neurological problems in your arms and other areas of your body.


Many times, carpal tunnel syndrome is a result of repetitive shoulder problems and neck issues. Putting it simply, your neck can cause a lot of issues in your shoulder, arm, hand, etc… if it is not in proper alignment. We do a great posture analysis in the office and give you exercises with pictures to help you get back on the right track. Most problems can be prevented or lessened by doing some simple stretches and exercises.When these are paired with Chiropractic Adjustments to help regulate your nervous system, the effects happen faster and with less frustration.


To start on the road to preventative healthcare instead of reactive healthcare, stop by the office for a Free posture analysis! Remember to choose Family Care Chiropractic for chiropractic care in the Quad Cities! Get Adjusted and Be Well!


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