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Everyone expects it, but very few actually receive it. Personalized health care is something that everyone wants. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find. Very few people can afford to go to doctor after doctor until they find the right one for them. So what is the average person to do?

Doing a little on-line research is often helpful, reading reviews of a doctor, and checking out their website to see what kinds of treatment options they offer and hopefully a little bio that lets you know them a little better before you go to their office. Setting up a consultation with the doctor is often free, and will allow you to have a conversation and get a feel for the type of treatment you will receive. This will also allow you to evaluate how the doctor handles your input in the decision making process.  It is very important to ask questions and offer input. Remember that your healthcare decisions should be made by you.

You should do this for all your healthcare providers. From Chiropractors to medical doctors, you should feel comfortable with your healthcare provider.

So what should you do if you do not feel you are getting the care you need? Talk to your doctor and see if they can alter your care to a way that you feel is more suitable. Keep in mind that this may not always be possible, and you will receive the same type of care no matter where you go. It can never hurt to get a second opinion or have the doctor refer you to a colleague. If the doctor is not willing to help, then it is probably best to start over and find someone new.

There are a lot of doctors out there (Chiropractors and M.D.’s included) that do a cookie cutter approach to everyone. This method works because everyone is receiving some benefit, but they are probably not getting specifically what they need. So let me give you an example of how I personalize your care.

I start off with a history. This helps me get to know you better, and find out any major health issues that you may have or have had in the past. (Plus you get to hear some of my wonderful jokes) Then, I’ll do an exam to see if there are any major issues going on that we need to deal with before we start care, or that may hinder our progress. Next, I get into the chiropractic evaluation where I look for tight muscles, weak muscles, and spinal misalignments that may be preventing you from being your best.

I will be explaining things to you as we go so that you understand what I am doing and why it is important. This is important; if you don’t understand what your doctor is talking about, have them explain it until you do. I find that doing muscle work helps to relax tight muscles, which allows them to work properly. I then correct the spinal misalignments so that your body is in balance and able to move the way that is was meant to. I will give you specific stretches for those tight areas, and exercises for the weak ones. If we don’t correct what is actually causing the problem, then it will never go away. There should be a noticeable improvement in two weeks time, if not we will change what we are doing and find something that is right for you, even if it means sending you somewhere else.

That is the type of care that you can expect in this office. You should never feel that you are stuck with a doctor or Chiropractor because your best friend goes to them or because you saw them first. You should go where you feel comfortable and where you feel that you are getting the most help. This is also an important part of the healing process. You should not be stressed out about going to see Chiropractor or medical doctor in the Quad Cities. The decision is always up to you. So remember to choose us when you need a Chiropractor in Davenport, Iowa. Give us a call today to start on your road to health. Get Adjusted and Be Well!

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